Heidi the New Family Member

As of January 31st, 2018 we have a new edition to the family. Heidi ironically she is a cat. Amanda and I adopted her on December 29th, 2017 after filling out the paperwork on the 27th of December. My father saw the add in his e-mail and told us about her. Amanda thought we should look at her, seeing it could be fate. After finding out her name and story behind her we could not say no.

She is a sweetheart. We adopted her from the Westfield Animal Shelter. She was hit by a car on Franklin Street and had a fractured pelvis, back in November. On November 2nd she was taken to the vet and treated over night then was sent to another vet to have surgery on November 4th.  Her family at the time found her in the shelter but did not want to pay the vet bills in order to get her back. Heidi then went up for adoption, and she found her way into our hearts. I felt bad for Heidi because she is not a young cat. I knew she would not be the first choice for people at the shelter. People usually like to go for the young cats or kittens. I didn’t want Heidi to spend her remaining years in the shelter.

We don’t know really how old she is. The owners told the shelter she was 14 but the vet thinks she is 9. You wouldn’t know it by watching her that she was ever in such pain. The way she runs around here and plays she acts like 9 or younger. Amanda refers to Heidi as her “Fur Baby.” In fact, I told Amanda the other day that Heidi does something that Heidi the dog did. Both Heidi’s like to take their wet food out of their bowls and eat it off the floor. Heidi is such a wonderful cat, she settled in with us within hours of arriving. We believe she is telling us that she loves and trusts us by always having to place a paw or two on us at all times.