Ring Central Install File

The New Version of Ringcentral for Mac has a lot of bugs in it. If you installed the new update 9.4.3 You will find that your Headset will no longer be supported by the software. You will need to roll back to an older version of the software. However Ringcentral will tell you this is not possible to do. Below is a link to the Older Version you can install. You will need to uninstall the current version first.

The first link was given to me by ring central and as of today is still working. So don’t believe them when they tell you you can not get the older version back because it is not true. They tried to tell me that also that they don’t keep there older software. Well the next time I called I got some other person Named Pat. that was able to get me the link.
  • //WolfRadio.net/files/RingCentralForMac-9.3.5.dmg
  • The Second Link I Posted In Case Ring Central Decides to pull the File from there website.
    Please fee free to
    #99cc00;">contact me with any questions.
    contact me with any questions.