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DJ Dave "The Wolf" Wolf Radio LLC | David & Amanda Heidi by Barbara Bidwell

Heidi Is My German Shepherd, She’s a big but gentle dog, she loves to romp and play with me, and chews on every log.
      She’ll lay her head upon my lap, and roll her eyes to me, trusting that I’ll care for her, that with me she’ll always be.
      When I Get home from school each day, She’s waiting there for me, knowing that we’ll run and play , and for a time be free.
     She loves to run beneath the hose, as I spray it in the air, she runs and jumps and snaps at it, just like a polar bear.
     In the winter we have snowball fights, I throw the snow and then, She leaps rear high and catches it, then I do it all again.
      Heidi is so beautiful, and so very smart, but most of all, “I love Her,” --- And with her I will never part.

Written by my grandmother News Letter Editor Barbara Bidwell (Website)


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