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Heidi Is Gone Now We Had To Put Her To Sleep On Wednesday 8-2-2000 and she was born on Wednesday 5-25-1988. Her Hips gave out on her. She held in and was in pane for a long time we gave her aspirin for the pane and it worked for a wile but she could not take it anymore she wanted to stay with us longer but she was in so much pain she could not take it any more. When we got her food she came staggering over to us and just dropped in front of us as to say “I Can’t do it anymore HELP ME it’s my time”. The Next day we got up early to take her to the vet to have her put down. I had her since I was 6 years old “YES THAT’S MY LUCKY NUMBER” and I am 18 now. I had her most of my life and through most of my years growing up. She grew up with me. Before I Left The Vet That Day, I Put My Hand On Her One Last Time, It Was Different this time, she did not move this time. She would always look at me before, this time no movement at all. Now She’s Gone but I still have her pictures and Memories. 



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