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Now There Is More To This I am Now 22 and have more to tell. That day at the vet was hard for me. But Heidi is in a better place now and I think she is still looking over us like she did down here on Earth. Heidi saved us from getting broken into so many times. But she also saved us from hard times when you thought you where alone, she was there for you. Heidi was a Fighter, the day at the vet she did not go to sleep easy she kept her head up as long as she could. My cat Thomas and the ferrets and even my grandmothers dog Scruffy missed her for a time. They went around looking for her in all of her hiding places. Heidi was put in a pet cemetery somewhere near Boston, MA The one thing I remember about Heidi Is that she hated thunderstorms even thew I like them she hated them she would hide under tables and chars hard to believe she could get into these places but she did. She knew way before the storm even got here, before we could here it. Sometimes she was better then the weather channel. I remember some nights I would come down late at night to see her sleeping by the George and side door you could never fool her she herd you coming and wagged her tail and was gad to see you. Some times she would follow me back up to sleep in my room. 


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