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 We have two ferrets Bandit and Buddy. Buddy Is Having an operation. I do not have a picture of him and don’t plan to put one up here. I am not much of a ferret person but I do like them. I am more of and dog and cat person. I like seagulls. We had 3 ferrets at one time Taffy Was the other one. We Had To put him to sleep in the spring of 1999. Heidi Missed Him when he was gone. I can’t remember it is late 11:15pm everyone is asleep but me.(new 11:40 2-27-04) I do know my dog was put to sleep in the fall of 2000 (8-2-2000 Wednesday) My cat Thomas misses the dog Heidi and the ferrets miss the dog to. We got Thomas the Cat From the wild years ago in 1991 or 1992. I think 91. He came to us from the wild. We had a food bowl we moved closer to the house when he was sitting by the wool pile. When we got him to the door my father opened the door and picked him up to bring him in. He was scared and tried jumping through the windows but he got used to us and now it has been just about 14 years. My grandmother was on TV with her little dog Scruffy, Scruffy was also good friends with Heidi and Thomas. Scruff Misses Heidi To.


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