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Amanda & Dave’s Wedding

Oddly enough we met on Facebook the end of January 2011 after talking for some time we then decided to meet at AMF Bowling In Chicopee, MA on February 19, 2011 and became a couple on February 25, 2011. and after having an interesting spring with some old friends and then the Kilowatt Kampout the week of the June 1st tornado’s and also a very hectic summer we had  Our engagement was right after we had a meeting with my school at the Connecticut School of broadcasting on September 27, 2011. We originality planed our wedding date for August 25, 2011.  1.5 years after we got together but changed it for 2 reasons. The First was because it was our pasters Anniversary and we really wanter June 1st because it was the one year Anniversary of the June 1st Tornado’s.

Below is Or Wedding Site.


Our Wedding Book

Wedding Music



Post’s on the wedding.

Off to Hampden

Another Busy Weekend

Wedding Countdown Photos

Wedding Stress!

Wedding gifts

Wedding Shoes.

Amanda and Dave’s Wedding (Part 1) (Rehearsal Dinner)

Amanda and Dave’s Wedding (Part 2)

Old Mill Fire

First Full Day

Return Home

Return to Work



After the wedding

As soon as we Got the the Old Mill Inn We went to bed, We Where tired after a long day from the wedding.  Around 3AM Amanda got up when she heard people in the hall way talking. One person she heard in the hall said “Look what happened”  Amanda looked out the window and was amazed to see the fire so close to us. I Was still sleeping  she then got me up and we both wend down stairs and out side to see the fire. I got these pictures.  The fire being so close to the power lines put the power out that night and into the next morning so they had no power at the Inn to make us breakfast. They did however have dunkin donuts, donuts and coffee for us and fruit  They also gave us $20 to go out for breakfast. They where very nice there and did take care of us. None of us minded  not having power it was an interesting event after all. The owner of the Inn thinks the Owner of the Mill started the fire.  We where told by many people that he had a long history of being a shady dealer with a relative and friends. Besides it was raining that night and there was no power to the mill. the place had been empty for years. We where also told the owner was not able to pay the taxes on the place.  Although we did not get any sleep that night the fire made for a great  honeymoon.


Photos of the Mill Fire in Somersville, CT


Wedding Photos









First Dance


Father Daughter Dance



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