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  • Kilowatt Kampers Fall 1992

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    39th Campout

    Dery, Art & Barbara

    Where= Seaport Campground
    Mystic, CT

    When= September 25-27, 1992

    Price= $23.00 per night


    Fri. – Coffee “and” Bring “Sweet” To Share!

    Sat. – Local attractions “Kampers Choice” Pot-Luck Supper Time: Open Wine & Cheese Hour
    Sun – Farewell Until Spring

  • Kilowatt Kampers; Fall 1988

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    32ed Campout
    ,  Crowther
    Where=  Travelers Woods
    Bernardston, MA
    When= September 16-18, 1988

    Price=  $10 / Night


    Fri- Arrive, Set Up, Get Acquainted Time. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided.
    Sat. – AM- Visit Area – NU’s Northfield Mountain

    3PM- Wine, Cheese & Snacks – B.Y.O.B.
    5:30PM- Pot Luck Supper. Bring your Favorite “Specialty” to share and a Dessert.
    Grab Bag: After Pot Luck supper- Each Family Is Asked to Bring a $5.00 Grab Bag Gift.

    Sun- Leisure Day! Get Up When You Like- Do Whatever you Want. Good-byes till Spring!

    Leave All Your Troubles behind and come renew old friendships and make new ones- gathered at the Coffee Hour, Potluck Supper, and Campfire.

    All the oldtimers- pass the word-of all the good times we have had RAIN or SHINE. We are all NU Employees or Retirees which is the bond that brings us togther twice a year- Spring and Fall.

  • Kilowatt Kampers; Fall 1987

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    30th Campout

    Gordon, McAllister

    Where= Charlie Brown Campground
    Phoenixville, VT

    When= September 18-20, 1987

    Price= $33 Weekend $10 Deposit


    Fri. – Get-To-Gether, Campfire, Coffee.
    Please Bring Goodies To Share.
    Sat. – Explore Area- Pot Luck Supper. Please Bring Your Favorite Dish..
    Sun – Relax and Enjoy.

    The Kilowatt Kampers Invites You To Join Us For Our FALL Campout, At Charlie Brown Campground, Phoenixville Conn.
    Other Information

    Charlie Brown Campground,
    Phoenixville, CT
    September 18-20, 1987
    Fall 1987 – September 18, 19, 20
    William Gordon Charles Woodard
    Fred Meyers John Bodurtha
    Frank McAllister Richard Ruff
    David Crawther George Peplau
    Roger Denault 9 Riggs
    Friday afternoon and evening as people arrived,
    coffee tasted good and so did the sweet treats.
    their campers most of the evening.
    it rained real hard. The
    Everybody stayed inside
    Saturday morning people came out of their rigs and visited; the rain did let
    up. The campground held Bingo at the recreation hall in the afternoon. We
    enjoyed Bingo and a chance to get out. We had a pot luck supper, plenty of
    food, and good desserts. The committee handed out favors and gifts. In the
    evening, there was a dance with Country Music. We had a good time.
    Sunday was a real rainy day. Everybody was pulling out early. Paul Oberheim
    was unable to attend. He had called earlier that he and John Bodurtha would
    take the Spring camp-out. In spite of the rain, we had a good get-together.
    Our camp fire was a washout!
    Hoping for better weather this Spring.
    Barbara McAllister

  • Kilowatt Kampers; Fall 1986

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    28th Campout

    Crowther, Woodard

    Where= Windy AcresCampground
    Westhampton, MA
    When= September 26-28, 1986

    Price= $25 Weekend


    Fri. -Coffee Hour: Please Bring Goodies
    Evening: Bingo- Bring Gift (Not More Than $1.00 Cost) In Brown Bag

    Sat. – Enening: Baked Bean Supper- Please Bring Your Own Meat and Utensils.
    Entertainment: T.V. Performance by the Kilowatt Members!!!
    Come and see your fellow employees acting!
    Sun – See you in the Spring…
    RESERVATION- By September 18th

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  • Kilowatt Kampers; Fall 1985

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    Camperama Campground
                       Townsend, VT
    When= September 20-22, 1985
    Price= $30 Weekend $10.00 Deposit
    Fri. – Please bring a Dessert for Friday night get together
    around the campfire.
    Sat. -Fun and Games Followed by a pig roast and Pot Luck Supper at 5:30pm (1730) Please bring a main dish of your choice for at least 5 people.
    Sun – See you in the Spring.